About The Blood Arm

The Blood Arm

Nathaniel Fregoso – Vocals

Dyan Valdés – Keys

Zebastian Carlisle – Guitar

Kick ‘em in the Sunglasses— the fifth and most arresting album by The Blood Arm, serves as the soundtrack to the band’s manifesto: “Sex, Rock & Roll, Literature!” The record is an unflinching journey through Berlin’s nightlife with lyrics like a library on fire. Punk poet Nathaniel Fregoso spins tales of decadent street life (“Schönhauser Allee”, “Nachtbus, 5AM”), madness (“Mr. Toad”, “Rabbit Jumper”), sex (“Late Night Sordid Love Affair”, “Ugly Memories”) and the looming specter of death (“Memento Mori”). Zebastian Carlisle’s demented guitar work adds to the The Blood Arm’s new nightmarish urban vision. Keyboardist Dyan Valdés steps up to the mic for the album’s first single (“What Kind of Animal R U?”), a psychosexual interrogation. With a primal rhythm section driven by new German band members, drummer Sebastian Völkers and bassist Ferdinand Kumpfmüller, The Blood Arm’s sound is a rallying cry to misanthropes and malcontents everywhere.

Kick ‘em in the Sunglasses released February 12, 2016 on Duchess Box Records.