Summer Festival Schedule

Hello the Blood Arm Friends! Below is an updated list of our summer festival schedule and, while we’re over there, we will be playing some other shows as well! Full Details:

Second Helping Required, Desired Tour 2007

21 Jun 2007 Glastonbury Music Festival in Glastonbury, England
23 Jun 2007 Southside Festival in Stuttgart, Germany
24 Jun 2007 Hurricane Festival in Bremen, Germany
28 Jun 2007 Paris Paris in Paris, France
30 Jun 2007 State of the Heart Festival in Wiesen, Austria
3 Jul 2007 Abart in Zurich, Switzerland BUY TICKETS
4 Jul 2007 Poolbar
7 Jul 2007 Les Ardentes Festival in Liege, Belgium
9 Jul 2007 Cafe Central in Weinheim, Germany *(UPDATED)*
10 Jul 2007 FZW in Dortmund, Germany BUY TICKETS
12 Jul 2007 Plage De Rock in St Tropez, France *FREE*
13 Jul 2007 Musilac Festival in Aix-les-Bains, France
14 Jul 2007 Showcase – Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France Website
16 Jul 2007 93 Feet East in London, England BUY TICKETS
18 Jul 2007 Nimes Festiva in De Nimes Antic Arenas
20 Jul 2007 Obstweisen Festival, Germany *(UPDATED)*
21 Jul 2007 Art Sonic Festival in Briouze, France