The Blood Arm vs BVG (“Revenge”)

On Saturday 19 May, Nathaniel and I performed 25 songs on the U8 line, all the way from one end (Wittenau) to the other (Hermanstrasse). We had an excellent turnout, with as many as 70 people joining us at one time and a core group of about 25 who actually went the whole way with us, which took about 3 hours!

Here is the program we made for the tour, listing the songs we played at each stop:

This is us, performing on the platform:

Here’s a shot where you can see some of the lovely people who joined us on our little adventure:

Most of it went off without a hitch, until we got about two-thirds of the way through the line. Security officers from the BVG (Berlin’s transportation authority) caught up with us at Moritzplatz, and despite some passionate arguing on our behalf by our attendees they refused to let us play at the station. However while the officers were distracted by the debate, we very quietly managed to play the song “Revenge,” starting on the platform at the station and then continuing onto the next train. Check out the video below!

After that, they followed us and threatened to fine and/or arrest us if we played again, so we rode the few stops to the end of the line and finished the tour upstairs at the Hermanstrasse station. After being underground all afternoon, it was nice to play the last few songs in the sun. We even won over some new fans who happened to be passing by!

We will be posting exclusive videos and photos from the U8 Tour over the coming weeks, so if you want to see more of our shenanigans make sure you pledge to get access.
We are at 70% of our target now, so keep it coming!!!

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