Submit Footage for our New Video!!


This past weekend we shot the video for our new song “The Invitation” for It was directed by Stefan Mischer and it’s going to be a truly amazing and original video. What makes it even more special is that YOU can be a part of it.

Please take a look at the criteria below and see how you can make “The Invitation” come to life:

1) We would like to invite you, to film through the window of a driving car, as a backseat passenger.
Please show us amazing POVs of Berlin during the day (morning and/or afternoon light is most beautiful).
It would be best to take shots WITHOUT trees or road signs.
Please avoid showing the window frame.

2) Show the hard edges of Berlin architecture:
For example, architecture from the 20th century: Karl-Marx-Allee, Hansaviertel, Ernst-Reuther-Platz, the Bierpinsel in Steglitz or other strange stuff.
(We would love low angle shots, Beginning with a soft pan out of the sky.)
Have fun, discovering Berlin with us.

3) Have you ever enjoyed German food?
We are looking for pictures of German food, too.
Especially closeups of Bratwurst and Strudel.
So, if you make a break for dinner, don’t forget to film the paper plate.

Please consider, you must create own footage. By contributing your footage to the platform ‘Lokalhymnen’ you give us permission to use it for our new video “The Invitation”. We are looking for your spectacular views of Berlin! Ideal format is HD.

We won’t resell this footage. It’s only needed for the music video “The Invitation”, if we use your content, WE WILL PUT YOUR NAME IN THE CLOSING TITLES. You are free to use the shots, you created for your own too, or sell it to others.


Thank You!!!